New Generation Open Source Heterogeneous Distributed Data Service Platform

SphereEx’s solutions are positioned as a heterogeneous distributed data service platform. Based on the ShardingSphere three-level pluggable architecture, they combine distributed database’s core capabilities with vertical functions to meet enterprises’ business requirements. They provide standardized and customized solutions in scenarios such as database replacement, massive data storage, highly concurrent access and data storage security.
Core Value

Redefining Traditional Database Capabilities & Facilitating Enterprise Digital Transformation

Following years of R&D, SphereEx creatively proposed the concept of “dual engine + turbocharging” for data services.
Through the heterogeneous database computing platform (including built-in intelligent data load balancing, global resource scheduling, etc.), data storage can be enhanced with the help of heterogeneity, eliminating traditional database capabilities shortcomings and limiting database fragmentation related issues.
Our products and solutions are positioned closer to enterprise data computing needs, solving many problems of the underlying data infrastructure faced by users, and helping enterprises succeed in digital transformation.

Database Migration Solution

To ensure existing businesses’ stability, a one-stop, transparent database migration solution is provided to help enterprises mitigate risk and achieve seamless data migration.

Data Security Solution

To prevent data leaks and ensure data security, product-based data encryption and data masking solutions provide enterprise users with a cross-platform data security solution for heterogeneous environment.

Pluggable Database Solutions

To solve existing solutions’ technological bottlenecks, reduce architecture replacement complexity and risk, a distributed database solution based on data sharding, distributed transactions, and elastic scale-out is offered. It has both the stability of standalone transaction databases, and the scalability of distributed databases.

Production Database’s Online Stress Testing Solution

The capability to parse and route SQL and command data, allows the creation of a shadow database (testing database) for production. Production and testing data could be routed online to the testing and production according to the configuration. Integrated with APM and gateway system, a complete solution from data marking, mark data tracking to data isolation for a distributed system can be provided.
Based on a storage and heterogeneous computing platform, to better satisfy user needs in different scenarios, SphereEx provides specific products and solution layers to help bundle or encapsulate the data computing of the underlying computing capabilities.

Heterogeneous Databases Computing Platform

At the computing layer, SphereEx products are defined as a heterogeneous database computing platform, improving databases’ service with its hierarchical computing capability. Thanks to the capability to dock with heterogeneous databases, SphereEx puts forward a “2+1” data computing engine model. Traffic (data) access layer and computing resource management layer are set up in this layer as well. Traffic access layer refers to giving the data access to the load balancer through JDBC, Proxy and Sidecar among other methods, to achieve data distribution and lay the foundations for future data.

Enterprise Computing Layer

Different from databases’ built-in computing capability, SphereEx achieves the “1” in the “2+1” model, which refers to the business computing layer, with a closer positioning to enterprise data computing needs.

Kernel Computing Layer

Based on a pluggable kernel, the kernel computing layer provides features including but not limited to transaction, query, access and optimization for heterogeneous or homogeneous data sources. This helps solve computing bottlenecks of existing standalone database engines or homogeneous database engines and realize the so-called second-engine computing capability.

Heterogeneous Database Storage Layer

At the storage layer, SphereEx products support open access to heterogeneous data sources. They support relational databases and big data among other types of data sources.
As digital transformation accelerates, enterprises need to store various types of heterogeneous data to meet their needs in different scenarios. This feature caters to the specific need of enterprises, and lays the foundations for building a unified computing platform layer in the future.
While meeting the need of data access, SphereEx is on track to strengthen its storage capability. For instance, designing a storage engine featuring strong consistency kept in multiple copies is on our to do list. Built on the statistic and computing capability of upper-layer heterogeneous database, this will further redefine the boundaries between heterogeneous databases, provide strongly consistent heterogeneous storage, and unify heterogeneous database services.


Distributed Database
  • Data Sharding
  • Read/write splitting
  • Distributed Transaction
  • Elastic Scale-Out
  • Distributed High Availability
Distributed Database
Data Security
  • Data Encryption
  • Row Authority (TODO)
  • SQL Audit (TODO)
  • SQL Firewall (TODO)
Data Security
Database Gateway
  • Multi-Model Databases Supported
  • SQL Dialect conversion (TODO)
Database Gateway
Database Mock Traffic Testing
  • Shadow Database
  • Observability (Tracing and Metrics)
Stress Testing
Distributed Database
• SphereEx-DBPlusEngine
• SphereEx-Console
• SphereEx-Boot
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